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Delivery Policy

The orders are delivered from our laboratory, in Bucharest, Alexandru Borneanu 10 - 16 and arrive at the destination even on the same day, depending on the date established by mutual agreement with the client. 
All orders registered in our system after 17:00 are shipped the next day with the help of refrigerators and arrive at the destination depending on the date and time set within + -3 hours.
The delivery time of the cakes may vary depending on the volume of registered orders and other external factors, traffic, weather.
  We try to deliver as close as possible to the suggested time, but we cannot guarantee a fixed time. 
Upon completion of the order, on our website you can choose the day you prefer to make the delivery. You can choose a date within up to 30 business days from the date the order was registered.
The delivery schedule is from Monday to Sunday in a stable range from 11 to 17, but depending on the internal schedule may be more extensive. Please contact us for specific delivery hours (9 in the morning, 7 in the evening).

Methods of transport
The products are delivered by refrigeration machines from our own fleet, applications such as Bolt, Glovo, Tazz, Takeaway, FoodPanda, TNT (for Cake 123, transportable outside Bucharest) or Bolt Delivery operators where payment must be made in advance, and the customer must receive the package from the driver in front of the house.
For orders up to 260 RON, the transport in Bucharest, respectively the inside of the belt is 18 lei,
  for orders from outside Bucharest for a distance of up to 30 km, calculated from the laboratory address is 50 lei. 
Event transport costs
For orders in Bucharest, the transport is 18 lei, and for orders exceeding 260 lei, the transport is free. Outside Bucharest, the delivery fee is calculated with 6 lei / km.
When receiving the order from our colleague, please check the products / cake carefully.
If something is wrong or you are missing a product, you can call us at 0757070340 and we guarantee the change / replacement / addition of the missing details in maximum 2 hours.

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