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1. If I place an order now, can it be delivered today?

Depending on the deliveries for the day. In principle, we take orders during the day and deliver them in the second part of the day, without promising the exact time when it will arrive at the address.


2. What do you have available today? 

In principle, we have all the assortments available, the orders leave our laboratory.

Our cakes are made on the day of the order, very quickly. To check the availability of a desired assortment, you can contact us at any time at the number on the site.  


3. Can a cake be delivered in 2 hours? 

Delivery can be made during this period, if the order was placed in the afternoon, somewhere until 14:00, when the suppliers return to the laboratory, finishing the route of the orders placed in time.  


4. What is the validity of a meringue cake, but meringues? 

We recommend consumption on the same day, but they are just as delicious the next day (max 48 h).


5. Can the cake be eaten the next day? 

The cakes are just as delicious the next day, but they do not contain dyes, preservatives or enhancers, and the fruits will change their shape, they are completely fresh, they do not contain gelatin, it is a natural process.  


6. There was a red sauce in the cake, is it ok? 

It is possible for a red sauce to flow from the fruit inside, being refrigerated - you can eat it, it is absolutely delicious.  


7. How will the cake be decorated? 

The combination of fruits varies depending on the season and the availability of our supplier.

  (Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Currants, Citrus, etc.)


8. Can you add extra cream / fruit, etc.? 

At the client's request we can add surplus fruits / cream / caramelized nuts / etc.  


9. Do you have special cakes for children? 

Kinder Bueno Cream Cake, Berries Cream Cake, Cream Biscuit Cake Cake Snickers Cake Cake, Chocolate Cake Cake, Banana Split Cake Cake. (see the "For Children" section).


10. Do you have a variant of cake that contains less sugar? 

Vegan meringue cake contains 30% less sugar than a classic meringue cake.


11. What is the diameter of the 1 kg cake? 

The diameter of a 1 kg cake is 18-19 cm.  


12. Do I have to place a minimum order to get shipping?        

The delivery fee in Bucharest is 18 lei. Orders exceeding the amount of 261 lei benefit from free shipping.  


13. How are the products delivered? 

The products are delivered by refrigeration machines from our own fleet.  


14. What other delivery options do I have? 

We can send the desired products through Bolt Delivery operators where payment must be made in advance, and the customer must receive the package from the driver in front of the house.

You can also find us on the food delivery applications: Bolt Food, Tazz by eMAG, eatZZ, Glovo, Food Panda, Take Away and Bringo ( -de-meringue-roma / meringue-cakes ), which delivers with its own suppliers.


15. How can I place a cake order to send as a gift? 

Placing an order with the recipient's name and contact details specifies that it is a "Gift Cake". An e-mail after placing the order with any alternative details of the recipient would help us.  


16. Can it be put without berries / nuts etc inside? 

We can remove / exclude from the ingredients of the recipe, at the customer's request, but we cannot guarantee the same taste.


17. What other decorations can I add? 

Numbers, simple candles, personalized text, card, calligraphic letter, bouquet of flowers, Prosecco.  


18. What decorations can I put on the cake?

Numerous, simple candles, meringue plates.


19. What does the meringue cake 1,2,3 contain? 

Contains: petal-shaped meringue top for 5 to 8 servings.


20. What does the Sweet Kit contain? 

Contains: step-by-step instruction set, a bag of meringue kisses, chubby cream and berries.


21. What does a calligraphic letter mean? 

The calligraphic letter is handwritten, calligraphic, with a personalized text, it can have up to 250 characters.  


22. Can I customize my cake: half an assortment and half another assortment? 

We can make cakes according to customer requirements, but it does not promise the same taste, experience and resistance if our recipe is changed.

23. How many pieces of cream kisses will be in a kg? 

Basically, somewhere at 28-30-33 pieces. It also depends a lot on the chosen assortment (such as those with chocolate, which can weigh more, will be less in a kg.).


24. Can I opt for another cake assortment from the Wedding Collection? 

You can opt for a variety of assortments: Pistachio, Chocolate, Caramel, etc.


25. Can I transport the cakes over a distance of more than 30 km? 

The meringue cake in the bowl is easy to transport over a longer distance. We recommend as an assortment the one with Chocolate, Krantz, Limoncello, Pistachio, which keeps well.  


26. Do you also make cakes for events or weddings? 

We make wedding cakes, tiered, in various assortments and quantities.  


29. What does the Vegan meringue cake contain?

Contain:  vegan meringue from chickpea liquid, which contains 30% less sugar in the meringue top, coconut cream and fresh fruit, both inside and out.


30. What time do you have a schedule?


Monday: Closed  

Tuesday - Sunday: 11-20


Monday - Sunday: 8-20



10-17 (but depending on the internal program may be more extensive)


31. Are meringue kisses kept in the refrigerator?

No frying required.  


32. What assortment do you recommend?

For those who cross our threshold for the first time, we recommend "Berries Cake", which is the most beloved assortment by our customers, refreshing and fresh, along with the freshest fruit.  


33. I would like a cake with less sugar. What assortment do you recommend?

Our recommendation would be the Limoncello, Vegan meringue cake or the berry meringue cake. Their cream is slightly sour. You can also opt for the option of not adding sugar in the composition of the cream, regardless of the assortment.

34. What is the cost for delivery to Bucharest?

The delivery fee in Bucharest is 18 lei.  

35. Why is it more beneficial to place the order on the site than by phone? 

In order not to cause errors in the communication of personal information, as well as other details related to delivery.


36. What products do you recommend for delivery outside Bucharest? 

Glass bowls are perfect for longer distance transport, kits are also a very safe option, but we pay close attention to transporting all types of product.


37. What do we do when we have an order that also contains a cake stand?

A warranty and rental fee will be charged, and upon completion of the event, the guarantee will be refunded. 


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