Autumn collection

Autumn collection


Meringue Cake - Dinner with Picasso

For the autumn collection I prepared for a single assortment. The inspiration for the honey cake came from a book I recently read, Dinner with Picasso.

Quantity: 1 KG

Contains: Lemon cream, almond cream, figs and candied fruits


“French Riviera, 1936. Ondine is 17 years old and she spends part of the day with her mother, in the kitchen of the small family restaurant - Cafe Paradis. A mysterious client, who travels under a pseudonym, has an unusual requirement: he wants his lunch to be served secretly at the villa he has rented nearby. The man will prove to be none other than the famous artist Pablo Picasso, and the meeting with him will have a decisive influence on the life of Ondine, a talented cook. "

One day, Ondine was thinking of impressing the artist and preparing a honey cake with almond cream and candied fruits, we added figs and a lemon cream stop.